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Businesses that provide access to financial advice for their workforce continue to see very positive and mutually beneficial employer/employee engagement.  



In an ever-changing employer/employee environment, businesses are continually having to run faster and faster just to keep pace with what is happening around them. As a consequence, many are now beginning to lose touch with the financial welfare of their employees, which in turn is having a negative impact on business performance, workforce morale and employee retention.

From workplace benefits such as pensions, death in service and sickness/medical cover, through to helping employees understand and manage their own finances, employers are now finding that workplace support can be very beneficial and ultimately rewarding.

Research shows that businesses who understand and support employee welfare initiatives, make a much valued and positive difference to the whole workforce. With those who provide access to workplace financial education, continuing to see positive employee engagement, enhanced employer/employee relationships and a greater sense of personal respect, loyalty, and financial wellbeing.

Many employees say that money worries are affecting their ability to do their job as they have lost work focus and have become less engaged with their employment obligations. This situation is not just restricted to lower earners, it is something that affects employees from all earnings levels.

Employee wellbeing is a genuine concern for most employers, given the impact it has on day-to-day business activity, not to mention the high cost of employee turnover, recruitment and training cost and the loss of institutional knowledge. That is why so many are now turning to financial advice organisations to help address financial education issues.

As independent financial advisers with many years' experience of issues that matter to both employers and employees, we feel we are ideally placed to offer advice and guidance when and where it matters. If you feel that any of the points above apply to you and your business and would like to find out how we can help you address these issues, contact us today, we will be pleased to speak to you.

Risk Warning: The value of your investments and any income you take from them can go down as well as up, and you may get back less than you invested. You should also note that past performance is not a reliable guide for future performance.

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