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We have been delivering financial planning seminars across the UK for over 17 years, with attendees rating the events as excellent, easy to follow and very informative. 

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Financial peace of mind for you and your family has never been more important and in today’s complex and uncertain world it has never been more necessary. Knowing just what to do to grow your personal wealth and avoid the ravages of inflation, taxation and poor investment decisions takes skill, knowledge and planning. 

If you are currently looking to make important financial planning decisions and want to plan a more secure financial future, why not attend one of our seminars, where you will receive valuable information and advice that we know you will find very useful.

Our seminars are open to the general public and are free of charge and without obligation, they each run for approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes followed by light refreshments. They cover important topics that will help you navigate the financial marketplace and make the most from your money.

Prism Financial Advice Ltd, has been voted as one of the top 100 financial advice firms in the UK for 2021 and again for 2022, in independent surveys carried out by the Financial Times.

Taking Financial Advice

We explain the whole process of taking regulated financial advice and highlight important issues you should be made aware before you engage a regulated financial adviser. These include such topics as the type and scope of the advice i.e., Restricted or Independent, how advisers are remunerated and what this means to you, what you should expect from the adviser, what issues to avoid and how to take advantage of advice.   

Combating Inflation

We show how inflation can reduce the real value of your savings if you do not take steps to combat it, and we highlight what you can do to make your money work harder so that it has the potential to beat inflation and retain its spending power. In addition, we point out classic pitfalls and saver mistakes so that you are not caught out by them.

Investing for Sound Income & Capital Growth

We explain the advantages and disadvantages of the different mainstream savings and investment solutions and we show you how to build a diverse portfolio that meets your need for sound income and growth potential without taking any undue risks. We explain and demonstrate how diversity (not putting all your eggs in one basket) works and why you should consider this in your financial plan. 

Pensions & Pension Transfer Suitability

Now that consumers have greater choice and flexibility in respect of their retirement options from both final salary and personal pensions, we highlight important issues to consider before deciding how and when to take your pension benefits. Such issues as maximising the tax-free cash entitlement, establishing retirement income flexibility, improving potential death benefits, avoiding unnecessary tax and cascading pension wealth down the generations. 

Estate Planning/Wealth Preservation

We explain how your accumulated wealth can suffer from beneficiary misdirection and tax charges on death, if you have not put plans in place to mitigate these issues. The session looks at legitimately avoiding inheritance tax and the benefits of making a will, and it highlights the different solutions you can adopt to meet your own personal requirements.  

The Way Forward

At the end of the seminar, we are available to answer any individual questions from attendees and we signpost what to do next and where to source expert advice. 

“The seminar was well run, and it highlighted some important issues that I will certainly attend to. The presenter was very professional and knowledgeable whilst at the same time making the event enjoyable. I have requested a visit from one of your advisers”
Bernard Smith Reading 2019
"Thank you for an excellent presentation, full of very helpful information which was delivered in a very thoughtful manner. I'm glad I attended" 
Alex Johnstone Bristol 2019
To get the most from your savings and investments, take advice, invest for the long term, diversify your portfolio and hold your nerve through the ups and downs of global markets. It works time after time.
"I hadn't realised just how important it is to review my finances regularly until I watched your presentation. Thank you.
Barbera Winston Chester 2018
Excellent presentation, the presenter clearly knew the subject matter. Friendly, approachable and inclusive style. Thank You
C Joseph Newcastle - May 2019
We did not run any seminars during 2020, 2021 and early 2022 due to the Covid pandemic.  However, we will be running a full programme of events from early 2023. 
Look out for ones in your area where we would welcome you joining us.
"This was two hours of my life really well spent and very enjoyable. I think all people who are approaching retirement, or even in retirement should attend one as it truly makes you think about your own situation and what you can do to make your money work hard".   
Trevor Arnold Cambridge 2017
"I found the seminar very easy to follow and most enlightening. It made me question my own financial plan (such as it is). I will definitely seek advice when I have considered all my work/retirement options".   
Paula Bristow Bristol 2019
"My wife and I enjoyed the seminar very much and felt it answered most, if not all of the questions we had before we attended.  Neil certainly knows his stuff and he explained things very clearly, Thankyou"  
John & Shirley Capstick London 2018
"This was one of the best presentations we have attended on financial matters. We both felt it was pitched at the right level and it covered issues that we think most people would find valuable" 
Graeme & Emily Thornton Newcastle 2019
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Financial Seminar - Newcastle Falcons Rugby Club

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Financial Seminar - Quarter 2 2024

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Financial Seminar - Quarter 3 2024

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Risk Warning: The value of your investments and any income you take from them can go down as well as up, and you may get back less than you invested. You should also note that past performance is not a reliable guide for future performance.

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