Prism Advice Process

We aim to be the adviser of choice, by always working in the best interests of all our clients to deliver sound advice, client satisfaction and financial peace of mind.

Financial Planning Jigsaw

Achieving a financially comfortable future requires forward planning, tailored research/analysis, realistic resourcing, and a personal commitment to make it happen. Taking the time to set out your needs and objectives together with your non-negotiable red lines is often the first step to success, as it provides clear focus and direction which will often inform the shape and direction of your financial plan.

As financial advisers with thousands of satisfied clients and years of experience, we are committed to providing sound independent advice to those who would engage our services. We have a clear methodology when dealing with a client's affairs, which puts them front and centre of the whole process so that they can have peace of mind that their financial wellbeing is in safe hands and that we are working in their best interests at all times.

Our Approach

Initial Contact / Meeting

In our initial meeting, we will explain who we are, what we do, and how we do what we do. This will include explaining our regulatory obligations to you, the service we will provide, what you can expect from us and how we are remunerated. 

We will only move to the next stage of the meeting (fact finding) when we have covered the above issues to your satisfaction and gained your permission to proceed.

Fact Finding

At the fact-finding stage of the meeting, we will gather personal/financial information from you on a confidential basis to ensure that we understand your current situation and your future needs and objectives.  

We will only move to the next stage of the advice process (analysis and research) when we have fully understood your requirements and you have asked us to provide advice and recommendations accordingly.

Research & Analysis

At the research and analysis stage we will use the information we have gathered from you to carry out client need/product specific research and analysis to establish and decide which of the options available will meet your requirements best.

We will only move to the next stage of the advice process (financial suitability report) when we have clearly established bespoke suitable of product(s) and/or services to meet your stated needs and objectives. 

Suitability Report & Recommendations

Construct a comprehensive report outlining the current situation and providing recommendations to help you achieve your stated goals. This report will be sent to you prior to the follow up appointment so you have time to study its contents and detail any questions you wish to ask at the next meeting.

Follow up Appointment

We arrange a further meeting with you to explain our recommendations and the rationale behind them. Once you have a clear understanding of these recommendation and the pros and cons of each course of action, you are able to make informed choices.

Implement Agreed Plan

If you are happy with our advice and recommendations, in full or in part we would be pleased to put them in place for you. We will agree a course of action and implement any recommendations in line with your requirements.

Ongoing Advice / Reviews

Once your plans are put in place the advice does not stop there as your needs and circumstances will change over time. With that in mind we carry out ongoing contact and reviews to ensure that your plans are kept up to date and that they continue to deliver against your objectives.

Online Updates

You will have access to online information ensuring you are kept up to date with financial matters. The advice process is continuous cycle to reflect the fact that we will aim to keep in touch and reassess your needs on an ongoing basis

Prism Financial Advice Limited has been voted as one of the top 100 financial advice firms in the UK for 2021 and again for 2022, in independent surveys carried out by the Financial Times. 
Stephen Price Managing Director
When it comes to providing financial advice, our aim is to be the adviser of choice by providing tailored recommendations and solutions that consistently meet the needs and objectives of those who would engage our services.
Stephen Price Managing Director

Risk Warning: The value of your investments and any income you take from them can go down as well as up, and you may get back less than you invested. You should also note that past performance is not a reliable guide for future performance.

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