Titan Acquires Prism

We are pleased to announce that, subject to regulatory approval, Prism Financial Advice Ltd will be acquired by Titan Wealth Holdings as a pivotal part of their UK financial services expansion. 

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Since the business started just over 18 years ago, Prism has grown significantly in size and in reach, to a point where we now provide advice and support to a large number of well-known organisations and many thousands of individual clients across the UK. In addition, we continue to receive increasing numbers of requests for independent advice from new consumers, which will inevitably place extra demands on the business if we are to deliver a service worthy of the name.

As owners of the business, we always want to meet the needs of those who engage our services and to deliver financial wellbeing for them and their families. With that in mind we felt the time was now right to take Prism to a whole new level, one where we can remain independent, but have the backing of a very large, well respected, and multi-faceted organisation that will help us deliver increased benefits to all our clients in the years ahead.

Over the last 18 months, we have met and evaluated a large but select number of organisations, who we consider would offer the right fit for Prism and our clients and who have the infrastructure, resources, and commitment to meet the ongoing challenges presented by an ever changing financial marketplace.    

The results of that work, means we are now pleased to inform you that Prism Financial Advice Limited (Prism), subject to regulatory approval, will be acquired by Titan Wealth Holdings (Titan) as a pivotal part of their exciting and innovative UK expansion plans.

Our decision to become part of the Titan group was reached, after detailed research and analysis of their business structure and culture, their plans for growth and development, and ultimately, the benefits such a move would bring to our clients, our employees, and the Titan group itself. In all respects, it is clear that the acquisition will deliver immediate and long term benefits on all those fronts and further establish Prism as a leading independent financial advice business and an increasingly influential force in UK financial services.   

During our deliberations we have worked very closely with Titan’s senior leadership and have been very impressed with their likeminded ‘client first’ approach, their openness, their vision, and their strong commitment to deliver market leading financial solutions to consumers.                                                          

We believe the acquisition represents a significant move forward in the growth and development of Prism as a business, it is also a sound endorsement of our drive to be the adviser of choice for those who seek truly independent advice.

Going forward, the owner/directors of Prism will remain at the helm, as is the case now, and in the years ahead, we will be working closely with the whole Titan team to enhance who we are, what we do, and how we do what we do.

In the next few weeks, we will outline some of the very positive changes we plan to make as a result of the acquisition, all of which, are aimed at delivering additional benefits to our clients.   

As a client of Prism, we always want you to have total confidence in what we do on your behalf, therefore, if you have any queries with regard to this development or you just want to discuss what it means to you, please do not hesitate to contact either one of the Prism directors on 0191 461 9400 where we will be very happy to speak to you.  

Stephen Price

Managing Director - Prism Financial Advice Ltd

In an ever changing financial world, it will be those advisers who have the depth of resources to innovate and move with the times who will deliver truly tailored advice to their clients. Our acquisition by Titan gives us that capability and our clients will be the beneficiaries.
Stephen Price Manging Director - Prism
Prism is an extremely well-run business, with a strong reputation in the industry. This acquisition will  bolster the Titan network, allowing us to further enhance the advisory offering that form part of our client to custody solutions and services.
Andrew Fearon Joint CEO - Titan
We have a constant need to develop and adapt with changes in UK financial services. The strength and experience of the Titan brand, puts Prism Financial Advice Ltd in a prime position to deliver first class products and service to clients old and new.
Neil McGann Director - Prism
As directors of Prism, we have overseen the incremental progress of our business for the benefit of our clients and staff for over 18 years.
Our ambition for this proud history to continue has been secured for the longer term as part of Titan and as importantly from our perspective, retain the opportunity to influence progress in the future.
Michael Smith Director - Prism
We are delighted to be working with Titan moving forward. It is important we continue to plug the advice gap and develop our new and existing relationships.
Keeping our clients informed is a key priority and essential if we are to build strong and valuable relationships. 
Paul Bowen Marketing Director - Prism


Michael Smith - Stephen Price - Neil McGann

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